Human beings that say there is but one God,
tell me why the religions of the world
are forever on a dividing spree
instead of uniting humanity!
So I am petitioning the real God,
to send all the warring dogmas to hell,
to the purgatory at least, o Lord
or with words let me resonate their knell!
Save me God from the shallow thoughts, I groan
or send me death and let him toll my own!


16 thoughts on “Petitioning God

  1. …If so called “religions” could hold on to their sacred teachings as they were when they first emerged, such as the early desert fathers in Christianity for example, then there would be no dogma and truth taught pure and simple…but the nature of man sadly has this need to fragment, to compare, to control, and I think of the power of the Vatican…perhaps these organised religions are concerned that if your religion becomes too personal i.e. about the relationship between you and your Creator alone, then all these institutions will lose their power and hold…YES! Send all of those warring Dogmas to Hell. Really made me sit up and take note, this one. Love all the Pi charts!

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    1. you spoke my heart in this comment. the later centralization and then the greed for power and wealth of the key figures behind religious institutions, be it the Papacy in the Vatican or the Abbasids in their caliphate at Baghdad, is one of the major reasons behind this perversion. Feels great to have you as a comrade.

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  2. All must be allowed to choose, who they will be, what they will do. Free will, like air has been given all. One day we will not need air to live, and those who choose to harm over loving and compassion … only One knows what will become of them. So I ask for continued love, your writing is beautiful, and hope, neverending, in a glorious finish that will go on … and on …

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