The prince of darkness rose up from his sleep.
He unfurled his wings and stretched his dark limbs,
before swooping down on the world beneath
from his unlit pyre on the starless night!

The world was steeped in silence, ominous,
each of its dwellers safe inside the cave,
a fire at the entrance casting shadows
on the rocky wall that stood at the end
and the wiser minds wonder-struck by that, 
spellbound by their own flimsy silhouettes!

“Look, how unsighted they are to surrender
to such a sight!” cried the prince in disgust,
so he unfurled his bony wings again
and went to work with his scythe on the staff!



10 thoughts on “The Prince of Darkness

  1. I can feel the chill dashing through my bones. Poe would have approved this thoroughly.
    P.S. Is this the reason you changed your avatar? Shall we call you Prince now? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. let me see, I have already acknowledged your gifted vision and keenness of mind… yes, that is why I changed my avatar …. I am the prince if you are Demeter, herself!


        1. I am inflicted by the poison of Bacchus 😀 … I thanked you for being so kind to the post and I hope you would always be so kind! my warmest regards! (now please don’t thank me and make me say welcome)

          Liked by 1 person

            1. in fact I was here to be torn apart and eaten but no such luck… the Maenads were so busy hooting and dancing in ecstasy that despite my repeated screams, I was not even noticed, let alone found… 😦


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