Watch and Listen to a reading of the poem by me.


So you think you can kill a Shark
or a Manta Ray and Nature
will sit back, amused and indifferent?
Well wake up from your dream and think again!

The sixth one is coming,
when the snowballing starts
it won’t be as mild as the previous one,
that came sixty five million years ago
and drove the dinosaurs extinct
but as massive as the Permian’s!

Half the air you breathe is coming
from trees and the rest from oceans
but you are felling trees
and strangling oceans too
for space and sustenance, not greed
you might say like a proper fool!

Will you, in the entombed silence,
be able to turn your face the other way,
when your grandchildren accuse you
for destroying their divine inheritance,
for being the asteroid to bring
an end to the Anthropocene?



36 thoughts on “The Sixth One

  1. I loved this! I have been watching a show on television called “You, Me and the Apocalypse.” It is a humorous and series look at humanity dealing with the knowledge that an asteroid is headed for earth. Your poem makes total sense to me! Well done. ❤

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    1. had to endure some air pockets, I am mighty grateful for your kind and timely words to you know who 😉 been reading the Norton Anthology of Poetry the 3rd edition… it is a gargantuan anthology


  2. If everyone did their own little bit round about where they live and protested and signed petitions and whatever it takes then there would be a huge outpouring for Gaia’s well-being BUT sadly there need to be more people to be aware and care and take action. Shaking of head…I just don’t know….. ? The huge economies of this world need to take note of pollution etc but money wins over the earth’s well being, and she has sustained and nurtured us all these years…I did not know we were in the Anthropocene Period? How interesting.

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