*This is a compilation of 3 unfinished poems…


I. Love

Love truly is incompatible with chains,
one must not utter love and obedience
in a single breath, neither love and compliance,
unlike a shrew, love can never be tamed!

Promising stagnation, love cannot be,
nor a memorandum of agreement
between hearts to keep bleeding like a saint
from stabbing doubts and sarcasms love is free!

II. Time

Time is a great healer, we say but how!
Can tomorrow ease the pain that is killing now?
It cannot hurt so much once we are gone
with the debts all paid what our life had loaned!

Perhaps the time that heals is not the time of hands
that move across the round, scribbled face behind
polished glasses, encased in platinum
but a different one that does not warp or bend!

III. Death

When the dead things
are coming back to life,
it hurts like hell,
almost as much as when
a life is snatched by Death
but o, an endless life
is more regretful than being dead,
ask Tithonus, how much he wants to die!

Image: The Endless Road by Ilia


32 thoughts on “Love, Time & Death*

              1. I think the main difference is in the tone, as far as I’m aware, with the Haiku being a serious nature poem and the Senryu being a funny human nature poem. But these days, I do believe the form itself is being used for a variety of expressions and not just as per the definitions of either poetry types.

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          1. Quite true! Such beautiful descriptions, one could almost see the scene as he paints it with his words. There is also his ‘Song of Myself’. “Stop this day and night with me, and you shall possess the origin of all poems”. Absolutely spectacular!

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