If the following poem makes you wonder about my religion,
you can find it in About Me.

The day was humid and sweltering hot.
Probably, far off south a depression
churned in wild rage against our sinful thoughts,
to purge the facts left out of confessions!

At night the fierce wind came down from the sky,
growling like a pard in chase of its prey
to cleanse the world from sins and me alike,
to make our sins flee in fear and dismay!

Once my world was swept clean, the rain arrived
and all other sounds were drowned in the drops
except when the lightning bolts forked the sky,
heralding aloud, it would rain nonstop,
until both the world and I would become as mild
and meek as the Lamb, who purged our sins with His life!




31 thoughts on “Our Sins

  1. this is one powerful poem. “Probably, far off south a depression
    churned in wild rage against our sinful thoughts,
    to purge the facts left out of confessions!” — what a concept. It explains so much about the wacky weather we have been experiencing of late–the heavy rains in the southwest dropping a almost a foot of rain in places that rarely receive more than an inch at a time, the twenty-eight tornadoes that tore up the south east over three days of hell and I’m sure worldwide there are even more examples where a depression caused major damage and loss of life. All because we are sinful people.

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      1. The irony was in the reader’s perception, not in the writers’ work. If you see the similarity between your poem and the content of that post, you’ll know what I meant.
        Then again, laughter is a great way to build and strengthen bridges. Especially with the chasm so casually alluded to in this poem.

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        1. that is a brilliant piece. I have found Shakespeare’s male and female characters using different style and dictions in their dialogues. does it make Shakespeare a transgender writer? 😉 well in my dictionary transgender means one who has transcended one’s gender (both biases and stereotypes), so I aspire to be a transgender writer, in fact wrote about it a few weeks ago. I would be honored if you kindly take a look at the following post and let me know what you think.

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              1. Ah, no need to worry about that. The best thing about an open dialogue, is that it can take place anywhere, so long as the participants are of an open and willing mind. That is the beauty of free speech, when it is not stifled.

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