“Welcome home dear!
Where have you been for so long,
while I missed you here?”

In the far west,
musing over the yesterday’s sunset
or yesteryear’s,
waiting for the sun to rise and
watching grass do its work!

“I have adorned
green grasses with my dewy tears,
did you see them,
did you have time to look?”

Time is a bird of prey,
swooping down at a terrible speed
on life at this moment,
gliding effortless at the very next,
almost painfully slow
for that life to either pass or perhaps let go!

“Now you and your dark words,
did you miss me at all?”

I had so many dreams of you;
it felt so good to dream,
to ride their foamy crests
across the seas and fairy lands
of plains, meadows, of hills and sands…
Now I am back nevertheless,
back from my dreams and death –
to fall asleep in life, again!




14 thoughts on “Homecoming!

  1. I see!! I have just read both poems, and I think I will need a moment to recover from the sheer depth of thought, image and human life depicted therein. Or more than a moment. To have drawn inspiration from such poems, without having drowned in them, is a valiant effort in and of itself. I applaud you!

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      1. Thank you! I think I’m going to need it. Especially with ‘Nights Nothings Again’. Can almost feel the weight of night in that poem. And amazingly, not once has night been personified there, and yet, it is a complete and tangible being. Wow!

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        1. yes, I have even downloaded an audio version of the poem from Librivox.org to listen to it while reading it! I am absolutely in love with Nights Nothings Again. pity that I did not read his poems until last week. 😦

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  2. Readers may take from this poem whatever meaning they may. It took me a few readings to see several different messages hidden away there within the images and behind the words. A dark portrayal of either a moment in time or that of a gaze cast over a vast stretch of time. Either way, and in whatever other interpretation, there remain, interestingly, several levels and shades of darkness, even touching upon the light. I’m still thinking about what I’ve read.
    Nicely done. Applause!

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    1. welcome back! missed your thorough reviews. let me share a secret with you about the poem, of late I have fallen in love with Carl Sandburg, this poem alludes to two of his poems, Nights Nothings Again and Grass.

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