So, did you really think,
that trampling on a dream
would bring an end to it?
If you did, think again
or simply mark these words,
that from those trampled ashes
a fiery bird will rise
to tear down the empire
of greed and oppression
and dreams will linger on!
Dreams can come in varied forms and kinds
but the sure thing is, they just cannot die!




37 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. By a grave error, one of your latest comments on my poem ‘A Self-Portrait in Rank and File’ was marked and deleted as spam. I am so sorry about that. If you could send it over again, I will be glad to look up the two written works you had mentioned in it.
    Once again, I deeply regret this occurrence. 😦

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  2. You know, I’ve been looking at this poem, reading and re-reading it for a bunch of hours now and my mind’s still a jumbled mess of thoughts. So after wondering what to comment that would be lucid, I thought it might be better to just say very simply, that the dream is an idea, and no idea ever dies. Especially not from generation to generation and under oppression; ideas seem to gain greater strength under these circumstances and you’ve put that idea together in so concise a form. You have a good command on matter and its presentation.
    Of course, this is a topic on which much will continue to be written, showing again, that the idea if a fluid entity, independent of all else. You have just become a link on a very long chain. 🙂 A commendable, well-written, accomplishment!

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    1. now you have sent me to the Olympus Mons itself! As Elliot said, whatever we say is basically a restatement of what has already been said or a reinterpretation. all writers are linked to a common morphological realm, where each is as much an individual as a link on the chain. well, it is my interpretation of what Elliot said and later he even opposed this view but it holds ground in my mind.

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  3. Dear Amit, you strike my heart. If I could show you the gray angel crawling from the ashes I just recently had tattooed on my left calf, you may be surprised to know this Phoenix Rising you speak of is about to be tattooed on my left rear thigh, just above the one crawling from the ashes. It will be beautiful, and next Friday I will blog about it. Thank you for your thoughts.

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