Startled, I often rise up from sleep,
with my limbs trembling and sweat drenched
but my throat turned too sore and dry,
choked as if by the soot of fear,
in the throes of a tragic dream,
a dreadful and haunting nightmare,
borne by past follies or tomorrow’s loss,
too pale and numb and shaken to my core!

The former kinds keep chasing us
like the Furies in Orestes,
to avenge Clytemnestra’s death,
while the latter, always taunting
that we might lose our dearest things –
be it affluence, power, life, love or fame!

If we could stop worrying for the future
and let go of the past for once and all,
we could have savored the heavens right here
and set the world free from Incubus, the Terrible!



56 thoughts on “Incubus, The Terrible

  1. I always love reading your words but each time you add Mythological concepts, there is another dimension added to them, a deeper richness and a universal feeling.

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    1. Mythology, I believe, contains the most ancient of truths humankind has known, albeit, veiled behind dazzling heroism and the inevitable hands of fate. I guess I love looking at the truth through the sparkling veils of mythology! and you have a mythic name 😀

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  2. Past follies or tomorrow’s loss. You certainly hit the mark there. The two things we cannot let go of, no matter what we do. It is human nature to learn from the past and to endeavor to secure the future, and so we are caught in a vicious, inescapable cycle. I like the expression you begin the poem with; the Incubus is a creature of fire, but cold fire also burns with its intense chill, a coldness of fear, that grasps the heart in its taloned hand. Neither is dreams nor in wakefulness do we find a release from that choking fear.
    Oh, so much said, in so few words, and so many meanings to be found!! But heaven and hell are right here on Earth. So we must resist the Incubus as best we may, to find the gates that lead to eternal Peace.
    Wonderful! Wonderful indeed! Stemming from such varied mythological sources, has caused the meaning to be open to personal interpretation. Nicely done!! Applause!!

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    1. thank you yet again for such a hearty review. I try to make the title of the poem it’s first line, so I am delighted to find that we are aligned. I don’t know what else to say in response, for your compliments have left me speechless. thank you for liking the poem!

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  3. great poem Amit! Vanquish that Incubus! Pluck out his eyes so he may not see your dreams or find them and they may pass like bright, winged things carrying you safe to the new morn! 😀 Now look what you’ve done, I’m rhapsodizing in the comments! 😀

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          1. I do! I am very careful with my blog reading at work. Today I am off work. So I am able to devote my full attention to your wonderfulness. 😀 I do wish all was fair not just for art and poetry but other things besides, 🙂

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          1. oh no, never blame your writing ! interpret silence as awe and the quiet sound of minds one by one being blown. Hard to type a comment when your brain is seized by the words you have read and can form no coherent thought, just a dropped jaw and reverent awe 🙂

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