When shall the sun be rising here?
How long must I keep postponing
my apocalypse, the promised rebirth?
Do these beads of sweat mean a thing?

The moral compass of the world
is all over the place, old age
decays, while wide eyed Innocence
falls in love with Fraud and Deceit
and Empathy is cruelly drowned
in blind gratifications of the Self! 

As the heavens are pushed by space and time
and the whole universe expands,
I sleep for eighteen hours a day
and go hunting for my staple words at night!




40 thoughts on “My Hunting Song

  1. My pleasure. …And I hope u enjoy my writings as well. I have this fear that I’m not able to do justice with poetry. That people don’t like my writings and that my words are not able to express my emotions for that reason I don’t venture to hold pen often times.. I always needed a critic who would correct me and teach me. If you could do that I would be more than happy!!

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  2. Amen, Amen, Amen…each word keenly penned and SO true. I think the World’s moral compass has long been jet-propelled into deep space and disappeared off the radar. Stunning picture to compliment moving words. :(……….?

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        1. me too, for some reasons, trying to claw my way out through poetry. at times having difficulties to write even. when that happens, it feels like I am having trouble breathing… but waiting for better days.

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          1. …me too, it seems to have been a LONG damp, wet, Winter. Not been well recently so have withdrawn from here a wee bit. Perhaps I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. too much melatonin and not enough serotonin… who knows? Surely Spring cannot be far away with her warmth and sunshine? Yes waiting for better days and hang on in there my friend… 🙂

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  3. O my soul
    My heart is crying
    Who are you?
    O my Soul
    How much longer
    To return home
    On this path of suffering
    My tears are my heart that burns
    O my soul
    In my night the sun is also my moon
    my story
    in decor
    excuse to return to the Light
    the journey of my soul
    How much longer
    to learn
    how to get back home?

    ( please
    correct my English mistakes
    but my heart does not resist
    for writing
    in my simple language )

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