Why must we change our paradigms?
The one we love today, being scorned
why must we hate the same one tomorrow
or become too indifferent?

If I had said, I did not know
what awaited me, it would have been
half a lie at least, for I did
have an idea of the darkness ahead
but I gambled, as I always have with life,
with a blind hand but lost it to my Fate!

I have lost but I have not given up,
rather found a better place to gamble in,
where none is dearer than the other one
but each as dear as I am to myself!




17 thoughts on “A Gambler’s Retreat

        1. may the world see it glorified with colors by your hand! I hope to do so after waking up from my diurnal sleep… it is 4:30 AM here 😀 tried being a lark for a while but back to being the owl again. best of luck, though with the gifts from the muses you would hardly need any!

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  1. Love is worth the gamble, even if we know the odds are against, it is still worth betting on, every time. You capture this perfectly, Amit.

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              1. Amit, it seems we have a mutual respect here which is simply fantastic. I love blogworld and the people I have met here have become welcome comrades along this writing pathway. You are certainly on this list! Cheers, my poetic friend!

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