Part 1

O, this great failure of my human birth,
a tale, fourteen billion years old at least,
of the big bang and all that followed since,
the expansion, atoms and early stars,
ten billion years later birth of the sun,
the amassing of the remaining dusts
with lava on top and molten metal
at the spinning core, the magnetic field,
the impact of Theia, the birth of the moon,
the axial tilt of the earth, the seasons
and the gradual lengthening of the days,
the emergence of protein in the seas
and oxygen, the mother of all life,
resulting in the birth of humankind!


Part 2

O Adam, the angels bowed before thee,
the father of all whose creation they pined
would unleash chaos, bloodshed and tyranny
but omniscient Lord said unto their kind,
dear all, what I know you can never grasp
and they obliged save the disdainful asp!

In due time with two yearnings he was cast,
one for his beloved Eve and the other
for his Lord, to this unforgiving earth
beginning the line that brought you and me!
Now those urges are haunting all of us,
to seek a home and yearn to be complete!

We have survived an Ice age and Noah’s ruthless flood,
yet have I justified my breaths and life in this world? 


Part 3

The tale I have been telling is
more than fourteen billion years old
but simultaneously as recent as
the mark that busiest hand of time
on your wrist passed by when you read this line!

A tale that began long before
the birth of space and time itself,
a grand tale of love, never understood
by those that do not contemplate
or too well known to pride to be amazed!  

The tale is not too keen on when or how
the idea of humankind was conceived
by the Creator but on why for God’s sake
such an anarchic race should rule the world.

I think it cannot be anything else but love
for only love can overlook such dissonance
and that is why I have dubbed myself a failure,
for failing to reciprocate my Providence!





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