So the night is now my sanctuary here on earth,
its soft darkness healing my wounds inside
and shrouding the outer ones from their stamping eyes,
as I grow more nocturnal with each passing hour!

My eyes have grown more thermal than visual of late,
all I see is the heat of compassion,
everything else fade into the colder ground,
a dark shade of lifeless blue, stretching all around!

To the social norms, my ears are twisted too,
all I hear is the deep rumblings of solitude
from afar through the hearing pads beneath my feet,
the rest are just lips moving, which I cannot see!

Perhaps this is what I was destined to become,
as woes for me have always been life’s biggest charms! 




7 thoughts on “Growing Nocturnal

  1. He saw the lightning in the east and longed for the east,
    but if it had flashed in the west he would have longed for the west.
    My desire is for the lightning and its gleam, not for the places and the earth.

    The east wind related to me from them a tradition handed down successively,
    from distracted thoughts,
    from my passion,
    from anguish,
    from my tribulation,
    From rapture,
    from my reason,
    from yearning,
    from ardour,
    from tears,
    from my eyelid,
    from fire,
    from my heart,
    That “He whom you love is between your ribs; the breaths toss him from side to side.”

    I said to the east wind, “Bring a message to him and say that he is the enkindler of the fire within my heart
    If it shall be quenched, then everlasting union, and if it shall burn, then no blame to the lover!”

    Ibn Arabi

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  2. I love your poetry but hope this is not truly your heartfelt being. Life is a cycle, round and round we go, sometimes the sun is on us and sometimes we are in darkness. It’s quite beautiful really, to have opportunity to experience it all.

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    1. btw, both this and the earlier piece you commented on are optimistic poems, albeit veiled in the apparent darkness of their settings. I hope you find the light in them!


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