Dedicated to Annie @ What the Woman Wrote


Have you heard a tune more melodious than
the crickets’ song or the clear drops of rain
beating down on summer’s lush canopy?

Have you seen anything more picturesque
than the flocks of winter birds migrating,
relentless in search of their last year’s home?

Have you found a scent sweeter than the smell
of wet grass at dawn beneath your bare feet,
soft as velvet and soaked in autumn’s dew?

Have you ever been as warmed by a touch
as the rising sun warms a hazy morn
of an ideal year’s first or final days?

Thus, no one can be more fulfilling or complete
than Nature for the senses that can savor it!




29 thoughts on “Sensing Nature

  1. Oh, wow. What a treat for the senses, these beautiful words transporting me to another dimension. I’m sure Nature would more than approve of how you describe her beauty. 

    I’m so honoured and grateful that you dedicated this lovely piece to me. Such a wonderful “welcome home” gift 🙂 Thank you, so much. 

    p.s. I have read your Literature piece and commented, too 🙂

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  2. Ohh, this was a thrill to read and what a beautiful person to dedicate it to. I am waiting to see her excitement after reading this gorgeous pearl.
    Be well Amit!
    ~ Dajena 🙂

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