Since when has this subtle servitude begun?
Europe was the last one on a long trail
and they only took the master’s baton
from Moguls, offshoot of the Ottomans
but eons earlier, the Aryans from Persia,
invaded the Indus valley and oppressed
the Dravidian folks, in the name of God
and the most ancient of all religions!

The Semitic strains that came much later,
proved to be for harmony no better,
as one arrived in the name of peace but
on the hilt of a dripping crimson blade
and the other came to enlighten us
but in fact spread the poison of mistrust
and their dividing line still holds the ground,
despite what in the histories are found!

The baton has changed many a hand since
but each less native than the previous one
and rule of God, conjured up by aliens
reeks as strong as it ever used to be,
while fairness creams whitens the native race,
so we may resemble our cruel master’s face!

Colonial time still lingers on in our outlooks,
thus it is so hard to resist the master’s lure!




35 thoughts on “Colonial Time

    1. thanks for digging them up! learned a lot! paradoxically if the theory is set by the imperialist/colonialist to justify their atrocities here, it adds another dimension to the poem “Colonial Time” … on one hand we are debunking the physical invasion theory while on the other hand embracing the west’s cultural hegemony by applying fair & lovely… and the articles brought a new question to my mind, if ANI and ASI are descendants of Africans arriving in 80 – 60,000 BCE, why there should be so vast a difference between the looks of ASI and ANI?

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      1. You’re very welcome, and some valid points…as for the differences, could be something like environmental factors and input from other peoples native to the area, don’t know TBH as I have no strong knowledge in genetics and the like.

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        1. just imagine what a sub-continental best XI (Ind + Pak + Sl + Bd) (of course the selectors need to be no less than utopian guardians but still) would do to the rest of the cricket playing nations!

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      1. 🙂 PLease excuse the rude us of the word – I had hoped that, as you have, you would see my weak attempt at humor. Believe me, Britain needs as much integration as possible if it is to make it through the century.

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        1. I am truly sorry for missing it…. I think the condition is more or less similar everywhere, so long as people do not realize that everyone is same despite the difference in their birthplace, complexion, eye or hair color!

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