Well, we can reverse what we feel,
it’s the memory that’s too hard to kill!
I sent mine to the gate of Tartarus
but found it back again in my nightmares,
haunting me as the three headed beast!
Then I tried killing mine with my bare hands,
that had moved mountains in their prime,
while they perished, the memory remained!
Then I thought perhaps poison would suffice
but no, cunning memory had a trick
up its sleeve, an antidote of some sort
and in short, memory survived!




39 thoughts on “To Kill A Memory

  1. Do not kill the memories.
    Everything can be transformed with a new look or a new perception.
    Change her look on things changes things.
    We are the perception of our world.
    Our memories can be a false perception of their reality!
    break free of bad perception of memories frees us memories… (?)

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  2. This is so dark, it breaks my heart. For the speaker to want to kill the memory – isn’t there one good thing worth tucking in the back of the speaker’s mind?
    They say time heals. I’m hoping the same for the speaker. Then, like the feelings that are numb, he’ll think back with a smile, not with loathing.

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