Fellow Bloggers,


You have my sincerest gratitude for following me through my ups and downs, through excellence and worthlessness! As I was getting ready to publish my 1000th post in WP, I thought it should be a note of thanks for your kindness and patience. So, here it is. Those of you who have already passed this milestone must have an inkling of my current feelings. I would label it as a mixture of mild awe and a lot of nostalgia. So let me begin with a little flashback.


After going through one of the most turbulent phases of my life, things were getting more stable by the start of 2010 for me. By April that year I secured a full time job and within a couple of months was growing anxious to publish my poems. After a few trial and errors with some other blogging sites, I decided on WordPress in August. Consequently, this blog was launched on 4th August 2010. More than two thousand days(2057), yet another divorce and countless heartbreaks later, here I am writing my one thousandth post and all I have ever done is to feed on your encouragements and inspirations. So, in one of my favorite philosopher’s words, you are therefore my poems exist.


Though my initial intention was to make this blog an outlet for my poems only, in time I deviated from that. Now it has nineteen(19) articles and fourteen(14) audio visual productions, along with about sixty(60) re-blogs from other bloggers. If that has offended any poetry lovers, they have my earnest apologies. However, the reason I still call the blog Poems is because I believe all creative and aesthetic works can be called poetry, whether it is expressed in words, colors or shapes. You might also have noticed that I have a weakness for Sonnets, so more than twenty five percent of my poems are sonnets. However, a lot of them are not in pentameter and some of them do not even follow a unified metrical pattern throughout. I am grateful to the WP community for letting me deviate from the conventions without any ado whatsoever.


Before concluding this note of thanks, I think it is necessary to shed light on the ultimate question, why do I write. Well, one of my friends, Dajena has very aptly answered the question in her ‘About’ section; I hope she will not be offended if I use her words. I write because it is synonymous to breathing for me. So every now and then I am haunted by these voices in my head and until I write them down on a piece of paper, I cannot breathe. Most of the times all that comes out are crap I know but I have never written anything that I have not experienced or lived through either in my life on earth or in the realm of my imagination. Before you discriminate between these two types of experiences, I beg you to consider my belief that the reality of our senses is as hollow as our sense perceptions are. Thank you all for patiently being with me through all these years. I hope your unyielding support continues even after my last breath!


83 thoughts on “Thank YOU!

  1. WOHOOO!! You did it! 😀 And what an honor for you to use my words. I am really happy to have met you in the blogosphere! 😀

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  2. to write is like life.
    writing is like reading.
    Everything is written in us.
    Writing is like read us!
    The meaning in our life is in what we read in us.
    As I agree with you!
    it is important to spend our life finding the deeper meaning.

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  3. A phenomenal achievement indeed! Congrats to you! I share your views that writing poetry gives a clearer perspective on life and can even wipe out misconceptions and worries. Feel happy to be a part of a writer’s community, bringing life to the written word!

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