Suddenly, the heady sweetness of your
musky smell, invades the air
around me! My nostrils flare and
my eyes thrown open with a start!

I see your smile,
that faints the winged honey thieves
and me alike,
fainting all the senses
but stirring up a passion deep inside!

Our eyes meet, yours downcast
as I keep looking up;
I raise my hand to entwine
your slender fingers with mine!

Fingertips trembling at the touch,
as if electricity passed
and I pull you into my open arms,
you surrender to that wild warmth!

With God’s poetry in my embrace,
I let my search begin,
for her sorrows and pains,
her giggles and pleasures too!
But I search not with my closed eyes,
preferring fingertips to seek
and my trembling lips with a touch,
nor heavy neither too light,
retrace the ways traversed to ignite!

And then you take hold of my mind,
with my hair firmly clasped by you,
guiding me to the center of the storm
from the brightness in between your
eyebrows, my hungry lips and face,
my flared nostrils and stubs of a few days,
through your scarlet cheeks, chin and ear,
through the hollow of your neck and along
the fallen L made of gold,
your clenched fists, mild but determined,
towards your warm and humid core!   
On your lips I stayed for a month or more!

White fists and your sharp intakes of breath,
keep nudging me and spur me on,
across the valley of your breasts
and your divine smell, hidden there,
driving me astray, onto the mountains,
so soft like velvet, yet so full and firm,
capped by the soothing darkness of the night
that promises me a heaven’s delight!

Breathing, tasting and raking too
then they arrive at the lotus
of your shapely trunk,
through that hairline, hardly visible
they head for the sacred mound
to pledge their love unbound
in laps after laps till I find myself
being granted by you, your nectar in return!

My wild joy when you come
is beyond measure, still it drowns in your cries!
And I know, though your limbs and skin
are all God’s poetry, that glint on your face is mine!


First composed on 14 December 2015


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