Years ago I used to shrivel in pain,
for I could not escape
the haunting of her face
even with my eyes closed!

After years of trying hard
and self deprivation,
now all my eyes can see is a blank slate,
it hurts me even more!




13 thoughts on “Love’s Epitaph

  1. Amit, this is reference to no particular wonderful tale you have told, but I want to thank you for noticing my posts so frequently. You are an inspiration and I feel your emotion as you write … you are very transparent, one of my favorite qualities in a person! Thank you for your presence.

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    1. wow! this is one of the best way imaginable to start the day (it is 10:35 am here). I am grateful for your kindness… I love to read and as I have nothing else to do in life, I can spend more than 6 man-hours on WP… transparency is one of the key features in your writing as well.


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