Dedicated to Dajena Mason


But then we need eagle eyes and mammoth hearts
to discover beauty in this carnage
by supposedly peaceful religions
and benign governments, their counterparts!

Or be like the Angel in Vatican
on her holy throne, the humblest among
all the men of powers in today’s world
and sing of love, unrequited nonetheless!

Thus I wreathed and pined with my quill at hand
drought parched, waiting for the words to unfurl
while dozens of my alter egos died
in bloodstained Lahore and Brussels this year
and Paris in the last, the rest already dead
in old Nineveh, Palmyra and Palestine,
until the queen of Mount Helicon rose and sang
her Aeolian song that sprinkled me with the wine of Hippocrene
and lo, how a fiery phoenix from the ashes is born
to sing of eternal peace and love on his unfurled wings!



69 thoughts on “Waiting For The Words

  1. You are so fortunate to have found an uplifting voice in a friend . Bless her! This one is a masterpiece of sorts . I had to read and re read and absorb . Your admiration for your friend has fuelled the flames for a passionate piece here ! The more I read , the more I am left in awe.

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  2. Dear friend…I have learned, from my many years on earth, that there are no peaceful religions and there are no benign governments. There are only lies, manipulation, greed, and the desire for power over others, from institutions and our so called “rulers.” Once you know that you can avoid their lies and selfishness and see them for what they are. Basically you can just ignore them and let them play among themselves until the get too unruly and the revolution starts. Revolutions, of course, simply put new people in power who end up becoming what the old people were, at least it seems to be that way. LOL That’s the game we are playing. Violence, hatred, war, death, inequality, and all the rest. I believe we need to stand against that but it will never go away. Religion is covered in blood, rape, inquisitions, torture and deceit. Governments as well. That’s what they are. That’s what they do. Men kill everything, the earth, the water, the air, each other, all the animals. We have to face that before we can change it. We are death to everything around us, everything we touch.

    People don’t start wars, religions and governments do. It’s just the people who DIE for the greedy churches and government official who stay safe and always want more.

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  3. Beautifully written and poignant. Love the image of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. It is an image used over and over but in my mind, always powerful , time and time again.

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  4. Reblogged this on MOONSKITTLES and commented:
    Once again, I am left speechless by my dear friend Amit, for the depth of his work, and the beauty he infuses in everything. I love those last two lines my friend and I am humbled by your dedication. May your days ahead be blessed! You are such a great poet and great human being!
    If you have not visited his blog, please do so and you will be hooked.

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                    1. hopefully, when the night is more solitary … but such wishes from you have magical powers and they can do wonders, I am telling you from my firsthand experience!

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            1. yes but how can I be hurt when I’ve got nothing to lose? or in the words of my favorite band, “How can I be lost
              If I’ve got nowhere to go? … And how can I blame you
              When it’s me I can’t forgive?”

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                1. :p my sincerest apologies for your trouble … I like their softer songs more like “Nothing Else Matters” and “Fade to Black” but I find their lyrics coming very close to that of Pink Floyd in poetic sublimity, which is a very hard feat to achieve.

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                  1. Please, don’t apologise. That’s what Google is for ☺️ I am not much into heavy metal but there’s something about Nothing Else Matters. Another song would be The Unforgiven.

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                    1. and yet somehow I feel you would find the lyrics of Wherever I May Roam very compatible with your spirit (of not giving up but going back to the drawing board)… have you heard/read it?

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                    2. I heard it a long time ago and forgot about it. Again, Googled it. These lines are my favourite:
                      “…and my ties are severed clean
                      The less I have the more I gain
                      Off the beaten path I reign”
                      I love song lyrics, too. It amazes me – with the melody and the rhythm they are gorgeous, but they’re even magical without. ☺️

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  5. WOW Amit, I think it is my turn to be in absence of words, for they have taken refuge within the eloquent pen of yours. What an honor to receive this piece my dear friend. Your prowess in the art of written verse is a lullaby sending me to my sweet sleep.
    I absolutely loved it! Smiling!

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