The days of kings, monarchs and emperors
are said to be a matter of the past
and so are the days of feudal lords and serfdom!
Now close the book and take a look at the real world,
contemplate and say if those days are truly gone,
beyond perhaps changing their old names and looks!

Even the spouses of Duke Philip or Lady Michelle
are serfs too, of giants like the Lynch or Sachs
or other financing black holes that have the right
to cheat the masses with devious derivatives,
doctored as triple ‘A’ by pet rating agencies,
while betting against those same predatory loans,
to make the wolves grow richer and the toothless sheep,
poorer with taxes rising like the magic beans!

By the time their feasting ends, the bubble has burst already,  
rendering the taxpaying masses bankrupt, in woe,
while the world succumbs to a recession in aftershock  
but the fattened wolves are always bailed out by tax funds!  

Deregulated economy has now become
the new imperial fleet of today’s emperors,
the board members and their chief executive officers,
each like a Caligula, in pinstripe instead of the purple robe!

When shall we see the truth behind these hideous games
of economic oppression for sustaining
age old slavery under a different name
and when shall we realize that in the end
we are puppets in the empire of one percent?
Even governments are too, the difference being,
they are paid to be that, while we are deceived to be so
but our passive ways, no doubt, are as much to blame! 

I wonder when shall the time come to strike back at such oppressions,
to cry aloud, “We have had enough!” and rise up in unison?



In Present Tense

In Present Tense
Watch and Listen to a Reading of the Poem by me.


Justice is a holy grail seldom found,
where the accused one is guilty as charged
until proven otherwise beyond all shreds of doubt!
Power, though, is secured from such vile threats,
as it can seldom be held accountable
for any of its’ words, actions or policies!

Affluence is the sole means to positions
where talent is as deep as pockets go,
unaffected by the mass or volume of the mind!
Rooking, though, is held to be as brilliant,
almost as one’s inherited properties,
starting lower but rising faster than the rich!

This is not history through a magnifying lens
but the very state of my world in present tense!



Your Call

Your Call
Watch and Listen to a reading of the poem by me.


Is there a purpose to our life and if there is,
how is it different from that of a cockroach,
a salamander or the plague dispersing mice?
I think the time has come for you to determine!

Am I sleeping or must you wake up from your dreams?
It is your call but do let me know what you think!
You have the key, whichever way your call might come,
to change it all, only if you do not succumb
to the vested whims of the alleged majority!

If it is I who has his eyes closed, wake me up,
if they be yours, wake up and let them see the light!
Either way, please no more be silent or inert,
for that is the gravest sin against humankind –
to shrug it off, unless yourself is on the firing line!





Is the moon there, even when I am not looking?
Nay, not for me, I will never be on the moon
until someone looks up and finds me standing there!
The only other way is for you to accept
my words with your eyes shut and I shall do the same
to yours on the moon being there without observing!
So, can you tell if God throws dice or does He not
and can you decide what He can or cannot do?

Do I exist, when I am not contemplating?
I know the world does, even though I have resigned
from all my weary thoughts of it, I know it from
the sulfide stench of self gratifying politics,
corruption and human greed, short sighted at its best
but mostly blind, that lets the air drop all around!

If you can breathe that putrid air without a flinch
then both you and I cannot live in the same world or time!
So either you must die or come and shoot me dead!
Come on, do not hesitate, you are only going to kill a man!



Comprehending God

Comprehending God

The clearest image of God that we have been able to comprehend so far is the energy (E) present at the Big Bang, before the conversion to matter (MC2) took place, an event that gave birth to the very concept of Space-Time as we know it. Now, almost fourteen billion years later we have been able to discover a fraction of that universe in the forms of galaxies and countless stars and other galactic objects that comprise such galaxies and the size is beyond anything we will ever be able to comprehend. Let alone the size of the universe, the very size of our solar system is beyond what we can readily grasp with our mind, despite our mental excellence and superiority among all the species here on earth.

To start with, the distance between our planet and the sun is a staggering ninety three million miles but that puny distance pales in comparison when the distance between the sun and the last of its orbiting planets, Neptune is considered. The distance between the sun and the earth is 1 AU and Neptune lies about thirty AU from the sun. However, to make matters even worse for our comprehension, Neptune is not even close to the edge our solar system. The farthest object from the sun discovered so far in our solar system is a comet known as West, which lies about seventy thousand AU away from the sun, more than two thousand times the distance between sun and Neptune. If that is the size of our humble solar system, we cannot help but grow numb when we consider the fact that the galaxy we call home, the Milky Way is made up of hundreds of billions of solar systems like ours and the universe is made up of hundreds of billions of such galaxies, each separated by even more incomprehensible amounts of space in between. To grasp the amount of space in between two neighboring galaxies, such as the Milky Way and Andromeda, consider this – the Milky Way is about one hundred thousand light years across in diameter and we need to place twenty five Milky Ways side by side to traverse the space between our galaxy and Andromeda.

But here is the ultimate catch, despite the enormity of the observable universe; scientists now know that all these galaxies make up only fifteen percent of the universe. The remaining eighty five percent is what they call Dark matters. All these only confirm what Evelyn Underhill so eloquently phrased more than a century ago, God truly is too large to be comprehended for otherwise God would have been too small to be worshipped!

Let us shift our focus from the macrocosm to the microscopic universe, for the tale there is no less intriguing either. Courtesy of the valiant efforts by the devotees of the quantum theory around the world we have been given a glimpse inside the subatomic universe. Now we know that each and every atom is made up of hundreds of billions of tiny threads of energy known as Strings. They too are beyond sizes that human mind can readily comprehend. It is said that if an atom is sized up to be as big as the universe then each of the Strings that comprised it would have been only as large as an eight meter tall electric pole. This energy like any other is the remnant of that E at the Big Bang. So everything that we can see from microbes to Jupiter is made up of these threads of energy.

So, whether human beings are worshipping the sun or rain or fire or are practicing pantheism by worshipping various powers of Nature or the Nature in its entirety or are devotees of the monotheistic Semitism in the form of Judaism, Christianity or Islam or are followers of the ancient customs of worshipping earlier kings, they are paying homage to that omnipresent E. All these compel me to conclude that God and the universe is like a painting and all we have been doing is to aggrandize our subjective views of that painting, while fighting with our nails, teeth and bones to find flaws in others’ interpretations. I think, to justify our claim as the supreme creation, the time is nigh to stop scratching the surface that causes all kinds of mayhems and start looking deeper at the real truth.

For your patience, you have my gratitude!