When I am living from one moment to the next,
how much in real life do I need to plan ahead?
When I come out thriving, only to fall again,
to live with ideals do I need a lot of strength?
When each soul is an alter ego of myself
how dauntless must I be to make a difference?
When previous night’s future becomes next morning’s past,
what eyes must I have to see in the present tense?
When a life here is cheaper than two Jackson greens,
how much can I dignify my own self-esteem?
When there is no place left for me to call a home,
how can I be lost in my savage wanderings?
When in the end it’s myself I cannot forgive,
how can I ever blame anyone else but me?


* The last 4 lines are from Metallica’s The Unforgiven III.

35 thoughts on “Self Interrogation

            1. that my dear friend needs a new genre in the figures of speech section to be fully understood … that you are not only biased, you say it as it is … hats off! from what I have seen only poets like Walt Whitman and you are capable of such rhetorically potent phrases!

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                    1. I will and I need to coin a new phrase too for thanking you just like those astronomers, who had to come up with the unit ‘light year’ when even billions of kilometers were way too little to express the real thing…

                      Liked by 1 person

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