to Dajena Mason


                                                                is                 my
                                                   humble                      effort
                                          to wish                                 an angel
                                    from the                                           Adriatic
                                     shore to                                       mark  the
                                        auspicious                            day of her
                                                       birth that made the
                                                             world  a  little
                                                                less darker

than it was before! This I know firsthand, how she lights up the world
with her kind words and deeds like the sun on hazy days or the moon
in dark nights!
And that is merely the tip of her numerous virtues
and skills, the most
gifted and versatile poetess in this realm of
all the blogging quills!
What can the likes of me, a mere erring
mortal man, wish for her,
the very incarnation of Artemis on
planet earth,
except these mediocre whispers that say, 

may she enjoy a memorable
and a very


 *This is my first attempt at concrete poetry and as I have never been an artist, I hope you will be lenient to the distorted output. To Dajena, I apologize for its’ premature birth. I hope you will not find it too irksome!

32 thoughts on “Ditëlindjen Gëzuar*

  1. Reblogged this on MOONSKITTLES and commented:
    The beauty and the sentiments of this poem, made my heart aflutter and definitely my skittles all ablush! What a generous gesture from my dear friend Amit.
    I am humbled, honored and I love it!
    Faleminderit shume miku im!

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  2. Oh WOW Amit!! What a beautiful flower to find in this morning! I feel the birds are singing prettier and the skies are shining brighter because of you my friend! This is such a gorgeous concrete poem and I feel humbled to have received the first fruit of this labor. I absolutely love the form and the photograph is making my smile uncontrollable!! You made my day!!! Thank you! Thank you!!

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  3. …the abstract form is most refreshing and since the words come from the heart I am sure this gift will be embraced with much joy! A most bespoke poem spoken with much sincerity. 🙂

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        1. thanks a lot! I am anxious though until she does… and sadly I intended it to be a flower but the white spaces and the alignments came out all wrong… so settled on a torch but ended up with an “I don’t know what” (I have already nicknamed it a concrete embarrassment) 😉

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