Dedicated to thatmishmash


As the evening on its’ trepid steps approached,
a subtle melancholy spread its’ wings too,
(who knows from Hades or the Elysium)
the gush of wind from their fluttering tinged my soul!  

If I were a streetlight with sodium in my heart,
it was about time to start glowing red
and wait in silent anticipation
of the thrilling onset of night across my world!

If I were a bird far away from my dear home,
for sustenance, both my own and others’,
the time was nigh for me to turn around
and flap my wings to the opposite direction!

O but I’m neither a diurnal bird nor a sodium light,
in fact, to know myself I’m still in a perpetual fight!



70 thoughts on “Sundown

                    1. Friends don’t just come and go, it’s us who choose them from our acquaintances to befriend and share our personal space with them.

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                    1. With a charmer like you , I would be happy to be angel , happy to be anything hat inspires a few words from your heart. Anything really . Until yesterday I was wondering why ……now am greedily wondering why not ? You are making my heart soar .

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                    1. I give up . You are going to rewrite that twinkling reality that I thought was permanently etched in the firmament. For once , I see a friend who I am beginning to believe won’t leave my side. This time I want to be right A. Am sticking my neck out and saying it.

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              1. At least you acknowledge there is a garb then ? Have you been looking through the dark recesses and have stumbled upon those cinders that bear witness to some holy fire that once burned within her ?


                  1. I know what you meant . It is surprising that the warmth of that light has transcended borders and someone so far has sensed it when no many around here can.
                    I feel like driftwood now , lying aimlessly on a shore , until a beachcomber found beauty in her and made her a piece of art ( another poem idea !!!) With all my love Gaia

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