Dear fellow Poets and Bloggers,

I started writing sonnets in 2012, primarily in the hope of making it past 154, composed by the great Bard of Avon (albeit, without a mistress or an earl). Here is my 250th sonnet, so thank you all for patiently bearing with me through these years! The poem was conceived after a conversation with Charlie Zero The Poet. I hope you all find it enjoyable!

I’m a citizen of the universe,
so, whichever galaxy you are from,
you are, from my own land nevertheless,
visiting the place I now call my home!
Β Β Β 

Are we all not visitors here on earth,
a live planet blessed with lush blue and green,
a planet cursed too with our greed and lust,
in the throes of death, without reckoning?
Β Β Β 

And are we all not here for a short while,
to live and then head towards the unknown,
some say down but others point to the sky,
across death to our original home?
Β Β Β 

So you are never an alien in my humble heart,
for I’m the most alien of all the souls on earth!


44 thoughts on “Alien

  1. It is my pleasure that we are both of the same alien world.
    We are blessed with these gifts of our kind.
    Humans still don’t understand our language, when we’re gone away from this planet.
    Soon, they will understand what we we’re trying to communicate.

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  2. Congratulations Amit. Like I mentioned earlier, you have a rich reservoir of past feelings with you now, in the form of such lovely poems. I personally love reading sonnets, and you write them really well. Congratulations on the 250th. I hope you go on to cross the 250 number mark as many times! πŸ™‚

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