Hello there, you bloodthirsty tyrants of Windsor,
hear my bitter song to even an ancient score
but I must begin it with an apology,
for blaming you alone, all this time, so blindly!
Yes your folks drew the partitioning line I know
but we embraced it with more zeal than it was drawn!

So, the rift between Hindi-stan and Urdu-stan,
in between No-Beef-istan and No-Pork-istan
had never been a solo British invention
but aided by Nehru, Jinnah and their fanatics!
The colonial masters just made use of the rift
to have a perennial hold and a smooth exit!

As long as we are blinded by our faith and your lure,
you can have, on your crown, the stolen Kohinoor!



24 thoughts on “Kohinoor

  1. Good that I didn’t read it last night though getting mail notification, wanted to read and start the day with something good and I must say thin happens to be an excellent start for me.

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