Dedicated to Ruth


Though I have only sowed the seeds of dream,
I end up reaping nightmares all the time!
Perhaps cruel Fate has ordained my life so
but it has also willed me to become
soft as water, so I can only rise
when one tries to push me down a rabbit hole!
Is it a curse or a blessing in disguise?
My honest answer is, I do not know!

I have sought the answer from the mountains
of the world, some a silent witness to
rise and falls, stretching across millennia
while some, the very birth of humankind
and their exodus from the motherland
but they remained as silent as they were!
So I hurled the question to the oceans,
that are more ancient than the mountain peaks,
so they might have said something in response
but their words were drowned in the cleaving groans!

Once the earth has failed thus to answer me,
I shifted my focus to the heaven’s eyes,
all those twinkling diamond specks that you see
across the vast, cloudless hood of the night!
One of them, almost as old as the universe,
took pity and said this, in soft, audible whispers,
“O brave soul, your efforts deserve a loud applause
but you’ll know the truth only if you can find the First Cause!”




25 thoughts on “The First Cause

  1. Amit, thank you for this dedication. Those are powerful words and descriptions! You’ve covered history and mysticism, ancient beliefs and spirituality, bridging those concepts with such ease and equality. Though I confess to being slightly confused as to whether the voice mentioned in the last lines is supposed to mine. And of course, what the First Cause is. That can mean so many different things to different people. And yet, I feel a certain acceptance in your words. You’re unburdened, your words are lighter, which is wonderful. But I pray that your questions, your doubts, your concerns and your hurts will be answered and unveiled and healed. Everyone is always searching for their First Cause, for whatever that may be. I hope your poem and your words will give hope to other seekers. 🙂

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    1. you are welcome my dear friend, as ever, for your generous reviews. I hope you would not find it too odd but in the last line the poet became the voice and you were the brave soul being applauded for your toiling!


      1. No, no, not odd at all. I am humbled to have been mentioned in so involved a manner as to feature within your creation. Though it seems that I must further my search for my First Cause, whatever that may be. Truly wonderful poem, painted with broad, bold strokes and put together with pure emotion. Very well done!

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  2. Love this! Your speaker is searching for answers he can’t find on earth. What the star who has mercy says I quite enjoy : “you’ll know the truth if only you know the first cause.” It’s a fascinating line and makes me think. Does he mean God as the first cause? Or is he supposed to find the first cause of his current problems, his search answers.

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