How long can I keep postponing the reality
of my senses, social standing and hunger?
How long can I keep fighting a war, lost already,
despite winning a handful of fights here and there?

It has been almost twelve months now I’m living on my dreams,
audacious for one from the third world middling class,
fatally foolish, I know, some would rightly say!
Perhaps my poor genes did not mutate properly,
for I know countless men and women too, who are
happy to live a rat’s life to its full extent,
living underground in fear and never too keen
to tie the bell, despite being cruelly victimized,
racing and multiplying like a fierce plague on earth,
to wipe out the planet from the face of the universe!

Well I can vent for all I want and call them any names
but perhaps that will only make my sin as grave as Cain’s,
for tonight a dreamer after dreaming his last,
will have to seek his way back to that despised world of rats
and only when he has nothing more to gain or has lost it all
will he return to his dreams with profuse apologies for the hiatus!



99 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Ahh, the ratrace… if only it were short lived, and only a fraction of our lives, compared to what it takes up right now. However, maybe in returning you can wake someone else up from the nightmare, and introduce them to the dream.

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  2. Dear Amit,
    Your words never leave empty. They always tug the heart and mind of your reader. In my selfish response- I wish you would keep writing, but in my generous one, I wish what is best for you.
    Please do take a nice break, fill your lungs with happy Oxygen, and come back to us.

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    1. so I guess friendship is selfish (as it should be) 😀 and you have my sincerest gratitude for both the wishes… I will be back to dreaming once I get myself employed in a revenue generating endeavor… for the rest I am keeping my fingers crossed, for taking a break from writing is like taking a break from breathing.

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          1. Well, not always. I’m a social hermit, remember? Showing my face is really hard, and I wouldn’t do it without adding a bunch of effects in the picture. I like to think I look like a weird looking blue fairy now.

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                    1. I think that extremist requires a bit of decadence if the topic is romance. I’m going to bed now, Amit. Have a good day, picture-less if you know what I mean. Night!

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                    2. Lust and greed are not my outstanding personality traits.
                      That’s better than the idea that your life is already written, and that fate will guide you through your existence. A sad lie people tell themselves not to deal with the fact that we need to make our own choices, and deal with unfortunate consequences sometimes.

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                    3. fate is a rule but unlike human made ones… for example perhaps you think it is your free will that you are vegetarian … but what if fate wants you to destroy organisms with more than 50 thousand genes (plants) instead of organisms with about 25 thousand (animals) for your sustenance? I think you should sleep for the night

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                    4. As long as plants don’t have blue, brown, hazel and green sad eyes like pigs do, I’d fight against fate and keep eating my veggie burgers. Gotta now now. Buh bye.

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                    5. 😀 of course good night! but can I say fate made you a vegetarian as long as you cannot exercise your free will to eat meat again? I told you my thought are too scattered today… sweet dreams! sleep well!

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  3. Dear A,
    Take a break , if you must , your life needs you.
    Come back soon , if you can , we need you too 🙂
    I hope this is the darkness before the rain of golden streaks . Love and prayers , Pri.
    I have mentioned you in my post today . Wishing you well always.

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  4. Have a good break my friend, and I hope you come back rejuvenated. Being away is needed to clear the mind and calm the soul sometimes, when outside chatters become too much. Be well!

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