So, we came out of Africa
to the lush crescent along the Arabian sea
some sixty thousand years ago,
with curly hairs and heavy melanin
to populate the rest of the old world
and in less than ten thousand years
reached as far as the future prison land,
moving at the rate of about a mile each year!

We established settlements along the way
developing dermatological features
different from one habitat to another,
as we adapted to their weather and geography!

Since then humans have ruled the world by that fractional mutation,
despite an ocean of similitude between all the nations!



26 thoughts on “Rewriting History

      1. I figured that from the map in the header when I studied it closely. One branch of my ancestors (grandfather, in fact) came from Australia…the family had been there at least three generations before. 🙂 Gramps ran away on a sailing ship when he was 16.

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              1. he sailed to US, met my grandmother, who also spent time on lake freighter ships as a child because her sister worked as a cook on shipboard and Grama stayed with her during summers when school was closed.

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  1. …that fractional mutation has much to answer for…when in fact it is so infinitesimal and our similarities so much the greater! Most interesting of topics and a reminder that we are all ONE…Thank you Amit! 🙂

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