They came from Nibiru, to mine
the third rock from the sun
and things were going smooth until, in due time
there was a mutiny among
the Anunnaki in those labor camps!

A mutiny that drove the Nephilim
aristocrats to enact a new race
of miners by mixing their genes
to transform a Habilis into a Sapiens
and thus we came to be in the sacred Eridu,
a home for the Nephilim far from their real one,
an Eden for the first earthling or Adamu!

Such is the tale of creation in ancient Sumer,
the tale of the Anunnaki from Nibiru!




65 thoughts on “Enûma Eliš

              1. yeah I really should say poems about historical subjects…not real epics. I really don’t know a lot about writing poetry. I am a historian, so have a lot of papers that can be re-worked into articles or stories.

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                    1. great! my belief is since the advent of writing, history (at least in some narrations) tends to be subjective … but the bones and rocks tell no lies.


                    2. yep…the feathered serpent god. It is said that the Spanish (Cortes, et al) had an easier time in the conquest because of the Aztecs’ belief in the old myths…blonde haired stranger myth. Then Cortes showed up and…the rest is history. 🙂

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  1. I love this post. And by coincidence…yesterday I almost included Ashurbanipal in my A-Z post on LIBRARIES…these wonderful Sumerian texts have been preserved for thousands of years. Ashurbanipal (Akkadian King) had a vast library of these stone tablets, which he “borrowed” to be copied, or otherwise “acquired” through the efforts of his troops. I didn’t know about the mine revolt, so that is a real FIND for me. Thanks… 🙂

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    1. thank you! I also have a poem on an Akkadian king called Sargon. the poem is called “A Reversal”. it is about the first known instance of a climate change and its effects.


  2. Your lines are so concise and yet so rich. The layers laden with history and references bring in more depth to your words. A fantastic write and read. Thank you for sharing. This is high rise story telling.

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  3. I went back and forth to refer and comprehend. I see the semblance with Genesis and somehow the mutiny bit makes me long no further than what is happening around me . This one is so complex and has so many layers , takes me back to aeons ago and pulls me right back to how things are right now in society . Am not sure if I am reading too much into this. Correct me if I have.

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      1. I found it fascinating that the “creation myths” are repeated over and over again in all cultures of the world. An absolutely amazing topic is the Sumerian tales of Gilgamesh!. One of the most fascinating topics I know! Clay tablets.

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