Eking out an existence like a shrew,
since the days of the lizard kings on earth,
later though, I saw how the others grew,
for me the line between nights and days blurred
into an incoherent congruity,
probably, evolution passed me by!

An abomination of Nature’s whims,
my brain has pectoral flaps and sinews
and nutrients come, not from what gets within
my wrinkled gut but from what my senses could
devour or nibble at in true liberty,
as a sovereign with taste, touch or sight!      

How could I classify a disaster like that
and even if I had a class, how could I brag?



8 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Interesting poem Amit. I think your character belittles himself, at least his senses have evolved. And evolution seems to take a vast amount of of time so if he had existed since Lizard Kings, he still has years to grow and change.

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