Is the moon there, even when I am not looking?
Nay, not for me, I will never be on the moon
until someone looks up and finds me standing there!
The only other way is for you to accept
my words with your eyes shut and I shall do the same
to yours on the moon being there without observing!
So, can you tell if God throws dice or does He not
and can you decide what He can or cannot do?

Do I exist, when I am not contemplating?
I know the world does, even though I have resigned
from all my weary thoughts of it, I know it from
the sulfide stench of self gratifying politics,
corruption and human greed, short sighted at its best
but mostly blind, that lets the air drop all around!

If you can breathe that putrid air without a flinch
then both you and I cannot live in the same world or time!
So either you must die or come and shoot me dead!
Come on, do not hesitate, you are only going to kill a man!



10 thoughts on “Nonconformance

  1. Wow….Is the moon there when I am not looking? Quantum Physics/ Wave and Particle…this is a very DEEP one! Do I exist when I am not contemplating…oh my goodness. Can you decide what He can or cannot do? ..Do we manifest what is around us with our thoughts…DEEP one this, Amit. The grey cells are still buzzing from reading this one! Bravo! 🙂

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  2. Wow! That’s very deep! I wish you could visit and read some of poetry to the people of the city here. There are groups that get together to do that. I am not a poet, but I know you write some heart felt deep words. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. wow! I too wish I could! you are welcome but thank you for such soothing words!
      PS: Your wish is truly grand, so I had to use the same expression (wow) to say how overwhelming it made me feel.


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