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Justice is a holy grail seldom found,
where the accused one is guilty as charged
until proven otherwise beyond all shreds of doubt!
Power, though, is secured from such vile threats,
as it can seldom be held accountable
for any of its’ words, actions or policies!

Affluence is the sole means to positions
where talent is as deep as pockets go,
unaffected by the mass or volume of the mind!
Rooking, though, is held to be as brilliant,
almost as one’s inherited properties,
starting lower but rising faster than the rich!

This is not history through a magnifying lens
but the very state of my world in present tense!



24 thoughts on “In Present Tense

  1. without bothering to look at political ideals or structures , your poem rings true about the world in general . A reputation can be ruined by the hint of a rumor , regardless of whether one lives in Saudi Arabia or America , a career can be put in jeopardy by the hint of larceny and so on and so forth . Beautifully written

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  2. In some places with certain people you are sadly correct. When I took history I learned our Canadian Law, based off of English Law, is based off at least two very important documents/concepts,,’habeas corpus’ and the ‘manga carta.’ Habeus Corpus means a prisoners incarceration and treatment as a prisoner had to have ‘just cause’ and does not violate there constitutional rights. The magna carta was a document signed by Prince John (of Robin Hood Lore) so that that kings power was no longer absolute but limited. He had to operate under laws, which he hadn’t before. It came to form the bases of a constitution and a parliament and a House of Lords in England, a Senate in Canada. A country where someone is innocent until proven guilty should have these checks in place so that they are not wrongly convicted. That the power of certain wealthy or powerful individuals still have absolute power/authority isn’t right. Only God has the right to judge someone absolutely. No king/business owner etc.

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    1. absolutely true! I agree with everything you have said. I believe the result is more often caused by the practitioners than the institutions or doctrines. Canada is definitely an example towards the ideal, however the same institutions in some other commonwealth countries are infested with corruption. so the parliament becomes a gossip station for the feudal lords as representatives elected by the mob. thank you for your hearty review!

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      1. This is powerfully accurate Amit. I only have to listen to the fiasco that is unfolding with politicians in the Commons and Lords and it makes me cringe. And we are being “governed” by these folk? We are about to vote on whether to remain or stay in Europe…fair debate it was meant to be? No chance…now Obama has said his two pennies worth!!! I just shake my head and walk away in disbelief….This stirred up the grey matter….as for what’s going on over the Pond, that’s something else? A great write and read my friend! Lines 1 and 2 of the 2nd verse: Affluence is the sole…….really struck home!

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