The days of kings, monarchs and emperors
are said to be a matter of the past
and so are the days of feudal lords and serfdom!
Now close the book and take a look at the real world,
contemplate and say if those days are truly gone,
beyond perhaps changing their old names and looks!

Even the spouses of Duke Philip or Lady Michelle
are serfs too, of giants like the Lynch or Sachs
or other financing black holes that have the right
to cheat the masses with devious derivatives,
doctored as triple ‘A’ by pet rating agencies,
while betting against those same predatory loans,
to make the wolves grow richer and the toothless sheep,
poorer with taxes rising like the magic beans!

By the time their feasting ends, the bubble has burst already,  
rendering the taxpaying masses bankrupt, in woe,
while the world succumbs to a recession in aftershock  
but the fattened wolves are always bailed out by tax funds!  

Deregulated economy has now become
the new imperial fleet of today’s emperors,
the board members and their chief executive officers,
each like a Caligula, in pinstripe instead of the purple robe!

When shall we see the truth behind these hideous games
of economic oppression for sustaining
age old slavery under a different name
and when shall we realize that in the end
we are puppets in the empire of one percent?
Even governments are too, the difference being,
they are paid to be that, while we are deceived to be so
but our passive ways, no doubt, are as much to blame! 

I wonder when shall the time come to strike back at such oppressions,
to cry aloud, “We have had enough!” and rise up in unison?



36 thoughts on “Caligula

      1. 🙂 You are welcome. It is sometimes difficult to find a bit of free time wearing all of my “hats” 😀 but I really enjoy being here.

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  1. Good one Amit. I agree with what you surmise her. That even though real kings and Queens do not have absolute/divine power anymore, we’ve traded them for a wealthy class of businessman on Wall Street etc. And the capitalist system favours big business in it’s laws and tax breaks, not the middle class, and certainly not the poor. Well written and with strong opinion and focus on current events. Excellent.

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    1. thanks a lot for your hearty words. after some studies I have realized that for a capitalist democracy to thrive it needs a thriving middle class. and a falling middle class is one of the factors behind poverty. and poverty is the worst crime against humanity.

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  2. You know you’re not obligated to Like all my posts, right? Lol. But thank you. Hope you’re well.
    Quite a bold post, this is, especially with the corresponding logos.

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