Since my coming of age, some twenty years ago,
I have been tilling all the heavens overhead
and our mother earth below my feet, to explain –
how predestination can live in harmony
with free will, without cancelling each other out!

Then recently I saw the set from Mandelbrot –
ordered islands on an ocean of entropy,
an endless dance of zero and infinity
and I knew I have found what I was looking for –
predestined patterns comprised of endless freedom,
incomprehensible, viewed from an Euclidean plain,
for it’s a fractal to infinity and beyond,
made up of a finite set of laws and restraints!   

But the backbreaking work took its due toll on me,
depriving my thoughts from the bliss of ignorance
and the Euclidean curves, from my impassioned love!

Perhaps the end is nigh but I have no regrets;
a sun that rose at dawn, at dusk would have to set! 



14 thoughts on “Revelation

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