As the maddening voices fade away,
is it silence or insanity, I wonder,
creeping in, instead? If I had a lake
to look into its softly cascading water,
what would have greeted my weary human eyes?
A madman or a Narcissus, perhaps!

Was it because I kept on asking why,
over and over again? I confess,
nothing was ever granted for me in life,
except the urge to explore relentless
the borders and the continents of human souls –
their varied plains, meadows, hills and countless river streams!

But once I saw those contrasts were more feigned than natural,
life soon became a nightmare that started as a cozy dream!



26 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Truly great, Amit. I’m a big believer in authenticity in myself and in others. We all have our different shades that we project at different times and in different ways to different people. But, I’ve learned long ago, I am repelled by fake. The thing is, so many people hide who they are for fear of vulnerability and shame, fear of being rejected and hurt. But in reality, vulnerability is the key to connection and is the ultimate courageous expression.

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  2. Silence is golden, for in its kingdom we are able to see deep into our own souls. What a magical creation we are! This poem makes me want to be a better friend!
    🙂 Dajena

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    1. yes I agree but silence at times also feel like a burden and acts like the harbinger of insanity. perhaps true silence is like an oasis surrounded by a mine field of some sort!

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  3. Love this. Your speaker likes to explore and see what people are truly like on the inside. Looking to closely he sees, a person’s appearance often hides something he doesn’t like or isn’t their true self, underneath. I liked this because I think it’s true for everyone honestly. Few people are genuine and even them, not all the time. We all have a public image be it at work, school, the internet. I think there are few people a person can truly be themselves around 🙂 Nicely done. Well written.

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