Is there a tongue, favored by the Creator,
a language dearer than the rest to God?
Sanskrit perhaps, the voice of the oldest of Faiths
or perhaps Aramaic, Hebrew or Arabic
but that would have been so ungodly and partial,
for why not Tamil or the Sumerian archaic!
Has not the Omnipotent created us all
with love, in kindness, both the great and small?

What is the language of a human soul?
In which tongue does a consciousness reproach?
In the given subject’s mother tongue, one might say
but conscience predates the spoken language, so nay!
‘Tis both common and eternal, more akin to numbers,
for that alone, my friends, can be God’s true vernacular!



26 thoughts on “God’s Language

  1. I don’t know–does anybody for sure? language has its limits–whichever one you choose. As a Christian, I’ve seen critics point out every syllable missing or added between Bible translations. God speaks by ideas..which then are channeled into this or that language. Like it is best to read several versions of the Bible to get the best picture of God’s meaning, I also eny those who can understand more than one language!

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    1. me too (envious of multilingual peoples) and I agree with what you have said… God does speak by ideas, which we then transform to human languages and in the process end up limiting the meaning… I am honored by your kind reblog!

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  2. When my students ask curiously how many languages I know, I always reply: just one, the language of love. 🙂 For if we responded in kind, what a better world would be.

    Wonderful introspection my friend. 🙂

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  3. An interesting question, what is the language of God? Does he even need a language or is he simply understood? My own thoughts, I think heaven has a language and that everyone there knows it well. Before the Tower of Bable there was only one language, of course we don’t know what that language was, so that could be another possibility. Great piece!

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  4. It is a knowing, a silent urging to go here or there, or to do this or that. Discernment tells us that the spoken word confuses and confounds, but the inner knowing will never leads one astray, or makes one mad, or as some say, crazy in the head.

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