This is officially my first collaboration. I am fortunate to be able to do it with Dajena, one of the most imaginative poets I have come across in WP. Take a look at her blog @ MOONSKITTLES for both poetic delights and enlightenment.


Your thoughts flower sweetly in our hearts
For flower bud, your name was given to you.
Mother full of devotion, care and grace.
Loving the sick, the broken widow, the poor.
A white flower hemmed in blue, a rosebud
born during the dying days of an empire,
amid chaos, upheaval, bloodshed and genocide,
then as a Loreto in Bengal you arrived!
Your light shone right away, with kind acts.
Your words inspired, hands healed, smiles rejoiced.
The life you lead, a lighthouse of Holy Scrolls.
Actions of love you gifted to all the broken souls.
O mother, O dear mistress of the Holy Son,
your calling came amid the din of partition
to be a servant of the poorest of the poor
and make the destitute leper your kith and kin!
But soon a rousing wind began to lash   
its’ tongue against your stance on abortion
and your affinity with the top echelon,
propagated by people, happy in doing naught;
people, who as soon as something is being done
must cry aloud, admonishing its forms and thoughts!
Woe, such bitter tongues did not even spare Yash’wa
but with your heart pledged to him, it was natural!   
Your ardor to our Lord, inspires young and old.
Your life led by the light, a crown of our world.
When we feel like we’re just a drop in grand ocean
your words urge to find meaning within. 
Icon of compassion, poor and disadvantaged,
your love crosses borders, defies casts.
Your Albanian roots, you never forgot
nor your mother’s piety and urges to love.
Earthly goods meant nothing to you
for your treasure was nothing but God.
Throughout life your love for the poor had never ceased to flow,
thus in death too you shine from where the eternal beings glow! 

*Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu is Mother Theresa’s full name. Gonxhe means a bud of flower in Albanian.


25 thoughts on “Mother Teresa ~ a collaboration

  1. Visited Mother Terea’s home in Kolkata three weeks ago. Her board outside always reads ‘In’ . I loved that . Am hoping her light shines for a long time . This one again is a wonderful ode to a super star of a mother 🙂

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  2. Just headed over from Dajena’s where it read this beautiful poem!! Well done both of you… What a lovely piece.. Glad to have known you through her 🙂 cheers…. Do stop by my site when you have a moment…

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  3. Beautiful both. Love the line “For your treasure was nothing but God,” I think it sums up Mother Theresa very well, why she did all the good she did and for whom.

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