Watch and listen to a reading of the poem by me

As the hour counter starts again at zero hour,
a new day* begins, like a bead on a long string
half colored Yang while the remaining half as Yin.
In a little more than eighty six thousand seconds**
the colors though will transform into a single one –
some days it is Yin but on others it is Yang.

Each tomorrow began yesterday with a dream,
that was probabilities going this or that way
but all together making up the final one,
ending in this or that by the end of today!

So life becomes an endless string of Yin and Yang,
where each day tends to be just like the previous one,
while once in a blue moon the color shifts and then
the same design starts again until the next change! 


* A new day can also begin with the sunrise (Oriental) or sunset (Islamic), 
  depending upon the culture. 
** The number of seconds has been rounded down to the nearest thousand.

19 thoughts on “Yin And Yang

  1. You are so gifted , if you don’t remember me already saying that countless times in the past . I hope the yin and yang balance out for you and wish you harmony .I just loved this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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