But am I then not the protagonist too of my life,
just like you are of your vivid and complex one
with worries that hardly converge in either space or time?
We have our own friends, routines and ambitions,
each with our own inherent craziness
and a power to answer to!

Duly so, each human life is an epic too,
mostly visible to the one living it
but to the rest of the world it goes on
like an anthill sprawling deep underground
with its myriad connections to countless others,
though never too apparent to those passing by!

Perhaps not, what if I have no life of my own!
What if I was to be an extra all along?  


*from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

8 thoughts on “Sonder*

  1. I believe we strive to make a life of our own, whatever that is. Despite our conditions or troubles, we do our best. As you said everyone is living their own life, the ‘protagonist’ of their own life. I guess we kind of have to be. Everyone is alright up in their life, doesn’t notice your flaws or doubts. So live. But I do think, even though it seems sometimes we are all disconnected, we can choose to help others in our life, and so make more connections and grow ours and others lives. You are never an extra, otherwise, you wouldn’t have life. You have a purpose, it’s the finding that’s hard.

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