So it seems, does it not,
that for each and every dream
there are countless nightmares
ready to invade cherished reality
but still we cling onto that rare
glimpse of light in the face
of an overwhelming darkness!

I wonder why, when even reason speaks against
such fancy dreams on both the odds and history,
we keep on cherishing our fantasies!

Perhaps, I have heard a saying, don’t know if it’s true,
those that think they can are the ones that mostly do!



27 thoughts on “Cherishing Fantasies

  1. If we don’t have a dream or a hope to aim for we are only surviving not living!
    If we hold onto fantasies about how our father, husband, boss, looks, etc should be … best to accept the reality or the fantasy will be your downfall. We can change ourselves but we can’t change others.

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  2. I think you are very right in your saying in the end. Belief in ourselves effects us a lot in in accomplishing goals. I also thought of the saying: “hope springs eternal.” I think we are programmed to hope, despite being disappointed at times in life.

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      1. Well sometimes you need to look on the bright side. That’s what hope is. You need to have faith life will work out. Day at a time. Have a great day!

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