Recently through an audio-visual production from YouTube’s SciShow channel, I came to know about the reason behind the existence of nipples in men. Every human fetus inside the womb starts its journey as a woman and skin cells responsible for the formation of nipples develop before the genes in some of those fetuses change their genders. Perhaps this is a well-known fact already, I have no idea but the information was groundbreaking for me. Here is the reason in a nutshell. After studying the supposed differences between men and women for more than a decade, I reached a conclusion in 2014 that essentially human beings are all the same regardless of their genders. What we are judged for, what we desire and do is never determined by the gender but by the socioeconomic perception of different stereotypes prevalent around our lives. However, the false notion of being conceived with a gender prevented me from embracing the theory scientifically but now with this new fact I know human beings are all conceived as woman. No wonder honey nourishes us so amazingly!


I pray to your kind soul to bear with me through these reality challenging steps (for me). Consider the fact that all human fetuses like me begin their journey as women. At some given point my genes decide to activate the Y chromosome from my father and I end up being born as a male. So all men like me exist because Mother Nature or evolution nodded to a complex liability like a very liberal mother I must add and decided against asexual propagation despite the cost reduction aka optimization. Sexual propagation required the creation and maintenance of the male gender. The liability is further compounded by the fact that creation of that gender depended solely on the probability of a male, created earlier, being able to deliver a specific set of chromosome, add to that the maintenance cost of the said chromosome. Yet evolution accepted a huge burden for the existence of men it seems. The only reason I can think of is probably as Eve fell in love with Adam in the Garden of Eden, she prayed to God and God decided in favor of sexual propagation.


In return what have we given back? Instead of being men, no let me rephrase that, instead of being even humans we have managed to become lions at best! Before letting off the horses I hope we know how lame lions truly are! First they beat the crap out of an aged lion until he runs away, then they go on an infanticide, killing all the cubs, they mostly do not hunt as well but always take the lion’s share of the kill and at the first sight of another lion who smells stronger they run away. A few confused ones might end up in a skirmish but as soon as the supremacy of strength is determined, the weaker one will always run away and the cycle continues. I do not see any silver lining in that cloud of life, do you?


I know failure is embarrassing but instead of using it as a constructive feedback in the development loop, we came up with male centric stereotyping to the extent of male chauvinism and privileges. Did I just hear a whisper in my head saying, ignorance was bliss? But it was not, it can never be. Ignorance is always an abyss, almost like hell. Enlightenment is the only path. In which direction we may walk on it is entirely another thing. So I humbly urge you to redefine Male Privilege as the boastful illusion most men and some women too believe in to irrationally justify preventable inferiority and inefficiencies in human beings. I also believe that it is as calamitous for the world as climate change is. Thank you!


21 thoughts on “Male Privilege

  1. Amit,

    Thank you for sharing with us another theory of what and how humans are. I personally am with Adam and Eve. I will bring a quote I have shared on my blog before by Matthew Henry:

    “Women were created from the rib of man to be beside him, not from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled by him, but from under his arm to be protected by him, near to his heart to be loved by him.”
    When both sides keep their position of love and respect, the world will be a better place.

    Dajena 🙂

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  2. Evolved thinking, Amit – and I like your train of thought. I also agree wholeheartedly. But unfortunately, and more so in our parts, it is ‘man’s world’. The good lord certainly didn’t mean for it to be but our misinterpretations and misrepresentations of the texts, propagate and perpetuate this fallacy. The word you used -“enlightenment”- is the key.

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  3. Didn’t know that, thanks for the lesson! Blows “the made from Adams rib” theory …
    We are all humans here on earth to learn our lessons from each other – I think there are some differences between genders but not the usual societal stereotypical!
    Like race and creed, we need to embrace all differences – they make life far more interesting!

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  4. I think we have to be careful when we compare our behavior to other animals because we can find all sorts of behaviors to fit our current theories about men and women. As a farmer I see brutal behavior all the time done by female goats, sheep and chickens–neglecting the young, pecking one another to death and bullying the weak and sick.

    Just because men were once women in the womb doesn’t mean much if we believe life only has value once it’s born or “viable.” While some men have certain privileges many do not. I’m just not sure where all this male bashing gets anyone. I don’t think men should be shamed for all the amazing things they’ve accomplished over time. I love men and women for their contributions to this world but see the basic problem with humanity as a problem of pride.

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            1. well I can think of a reason why she warned you… the perceived gender roles of women sometime are in direct conflict with the perceived roles of men, specifically younger men.


              1. As a woman myself, I’ve often found women difficult as friends. Just like men there is competition, but it’s often done in a more stealth way. My mother’s mother allowed things to happen to her daughters that shaped the way they viewed all women, I suppose. I don’t know if I want to blame “perceived gender roles” when biology (science) and the useful and historic roles men and women with their different strengths played in civilization. If we stick with the animal analogy or evolution then social constructs can’t be to blame for the way people tend to act. Women in the US enjoy a level of freedom and opportunity like never before. I definitely feel as western women we are a blessed lot of people.

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                1. yes you folks are truly among the blessed ones. in here it is still a very horribly men’s world. however you may find the closing part of the piece I am posting now quite relatable if you are a woman in the US. kindly take a look at your convenience!


  5. Very interesting perspective, Amit! I can understand your point. You make some great ones! We are all human, and we do all start out female. And then chromosomes determine our physical development. The complicating factor is hormones, male and female, that affect how we function, our emotions and sometimes our mental outlook and sex drives. But, I think you are right about the stereotypes…humans have created those, and thankfully, there are always people who crush them by doing things or accomplishing feats that break gender role expectations, but just like all evolution, complete equality, if possible, is a long way off. Until then, letting go of preconceived ideas of what make a man a man, and a woman a woman, is a valiant goal, not only for ourselves, but to teach our children. There are pros and cons to each gender, that neither is necessarily better than the other. And being open minded and flexible in thinking what is possible for either gender is what we need to be enlightened.

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