This is the first poem I published on my new blog @ AmitsTwoPennies. Please pay a visit whenever you can. Thank you!


No man was an island
in another life, a long time ago.
Now human beings are either Isles,
too far and wide or just mainstream,
like those from fancy Oceania*
that are members of the inner and outer rings,
transceiving subjects of tyrannic laws,
in a nonstop denial of their true place!

I too had once wished to be one of them
and who knows if it was not my failure
that has driven me to this furious rant!
But even utmost desolation must,
like all else, have a silver line, the sole trouble is,
the grass always looks greener on the other side!

*A reference to George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Not to be mixed up with the geographic location known as Oceania.

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