Hello, let’s play a guessing game today called, “What is my Religion?“.


I’m going to tell you five facts about my religious belief. At the end I will reveal which religion I follow but till then you can keep on guessing. If you turn out to be wrong, tough luck today but if you are right then congratulations on being a true religious philosopher.

Fact 1: I believe in one God who is known by different names like Allah, Brahma, Jehovah or Nature and worshipped through different rituals in different regions and cultures.

Fact 2: I believe God is above genders. God is neither male nor female despite having many names and existences.

Fact 3: I believe God has sent each and every human being to find, cherish and nurture the godliness embedded in him or her. Any human being who has succeeded in doing so in this life can go to heaven in the next one despite the race, color, religion or culture they were born into.

Fact 4: I believe Dionysus, Krishna, Socrates, Moses, Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus and Mohammed (PBUH) as prophets of God. The age of prophets though has ended with Mohammed (PBUH) and now we are living in the age of reformers.

Fact 5: and finally I believe God has made each and every human being as equal regardless of their gender, race, color, religion, culture or sexual orientation.


So, what did you guess? If your guess was Islam then thumbs up, as I have said, you are a true religious philosopher at heart. If you are having doubts and you are not a Muslim then I know after being exposed to the mainstream concepts these are bound to be quite shocking. If you are a fellow Muslim then I have as much confirmation about my beliefs from God as do you about yours.
Thank you!

17 thoughts on “What is my Religion?

  1. I have only one God, and the name of it the Nature, that outside me and inside me. For me, there is no any Gods sitting on the cloud, which is quiet ridiculous. Religion is dangerous for individual minds. Thanks for post anyway. 🙂

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    1. Nature, Brahma, Allah, God… what is the difference? the Creator is closer to the creation than the jugular vein is to a human being… and the way religion is practiced is most definitely very dangerous for individual mind…. but the blame should go to the practitioners rather than religions…. you can use nuclear fusion to power a locality or bomb Hiroshima… it would be pointless to argue that nuclear fusion is dangerous for humankind.

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      1. I believe in Darwin theory. Sorry. It is pointless to talk about it. Each person free to make the right choice for him/herself. I just said I believe in myself, not in God. It’s just harder than to have useless hopes for someone invisible. 🙂 Don’t make me wrong, I respect your choice no matter what.

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    1. yes but it can also be called Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity or Islam…. these are different names for the same thing, to find God and be in love with God’s creation.. though I should also admit that this is hardly the way these religions are practiced in the mainstream.

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