Dear Poets and Fellow Bloggers,


If you think the facts and ideas expressed in my previous article, “What is my Religion?” interesting and/or important, please watch the video, What is my Religion?, which is the third episode of my Two Pennies series and help me to spread the message! I admit, the animation is very retro and poor but I hope you would kindly pardon the state of my resources. Your time and efforts are sincerely appreciated.


Thank you!

17 thoughts on “Help Me Spread the Message, Please!

  1. It’s important that that’s how you interpret your religion. It seems like a very reasonable set of beliefs. I imagine Islam is like Christianity—you pick and choose the bits that appeal and use them to endorse the way you want to behave. All religions preach peace and love, but that has never prevented them from waging war, murdering and oppressing. There are get-out clauses for the religious accountants who look for them. I’m pleased you have such a generous, humane interpretation of a religion others use for bloodshed. It doesn’t make me think Islam is any ‘better’ than any other religion since they are all used as a pretext for inhumane behaviour. They’re what you make of them.

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    1. yes, i absolutely agree.. Islam is just like any other religion. in fact i think just like many names of God, the names of these religions are only nominally different. i am trying to counter some popular made up paradigms with mine, which i believe is more peaceful and harmonious. but of course i should let you and others to be the judge of that. thank you for giving me such a thoroughly sincere review.


          1. What I find hard to understand about religious belief, is why anyone needs it. Your beliefs are humanist, with an added belief in a god. I wonder why you need a framework of rules invented by men who lived centuries if not millennia ago. It’s a serious question. I can see why people who don’t ever do much thinking for themselves adhere to a particular religion, like joining a club, but not those who question and have the intellect to follow their own path.

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