Watch and Listen to a Reading of the Poem.
[Forewords]: Regretfully, since starting the channel @ The Lone Wolf Creations, I have not been able to write poems at all. Here are some words I just wrote while brooding over the fact. After all, as a poet, no act of creation makes me feel more complete than the act of writing a poem.

Am I officially single now, a celibate?
Where are the words, the sole love of my life?
O my dear syllables, how I miss your throbbing gaits
on our bed, discolored pages, once white!

And I miss playing with your minute phonemes as well,
through my fingertips, throbbing even more
at the sheer bliss of heaven while being in a hell,
that is what creation feels like to my core!

So, please show me your countenance, my dear poetry,
for I have sought you like the whirling waters seek
the comfort of an ocean in their destiny
as they keep falling down from a blue mountain’s peak!



© Amit Rahman, 27 August 2016

42 thoughts on “Missing Poetry

  1. I reply to the poem, as a stand-alone. I did not compare it with your ‘About me’ and play pseudo-psychologist.

    Contextually that is a pretty artful way to describe the awakening in the loss, the absence of passion and sex, when solitude is compared to lovers romance, and worries about what is to come.

    I hope that a certain road ended, for a more worthy woman is on the way to be more than a muse inspiring poetry, too. 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. thank you for such a hearty review. i am grateful for it as well. your reference to my about me is also an apt one. especially as i have claimed to be a poet there but have not been writing verses for days. well the only justification i have is that any and everything i create is poetry, some are metered with syllables while some with video frames and audio beats…

      a special thanks for the last para. may God bless you for such an all inclusive wish. i hope you find more of my posts worthy of your sincere scrutiny. best regards.

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