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As the chilling wind caresses my skin again,
I know the queen of seasons has embarked
on her three months’ hike down the path that leads to me.
So I fill my lungs with the ripe smell of autumn
for the last time, the yellow smell of fog
that will soon overwhelm the earth in a blanket of innocence.

Hopefully, the human world too will follow suit
to shed its ocher leaves of fear mongering
and forget the heady lure of xenophobia!
The last winter saw the fall of empires
and the following spring was lush with nation states
but by fall they were all proclaiming to be more right than the rest!

Will this winter be equal in significance
and witness the demise of these vile trends
in politics – seeking wealth instead of welfare,
pursuing war to sell arms instead of peace
and either opting to remain blind or
disguising self interest with a gossamer of religion?

O, the winter is nigh, the chill in the wind tells me so!
Are you ready for the change my fellow citizens of the world?
If you are, lets form a human chain across the earth, hand in hand,
indomitable, to make the coming spring, when she comes, truly grand!



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