“O God! God! Why have you forsaken me?” –
said the Joker, looking up at the midday sky.
“O God! God!” – He muttered through His parched lips,
as blood instead of tears kept flowing from His eyes!

On a snail’s back the evening arrived,
the wailing moon seemed to be in a lot of pain
which dabbed a soft shade of blue on her lights.
Full aglow, yet a silent gloom hung on her face!

He was gone from the pole and from His grave
by the time the third sun had feasted on the sad moon,
toiling for peace through the wild seas of shame,
for salvation that came not a moment too soon!

One score of centuries past, there she is,
as always, sad, soft and bright with a silver glow
beaming on a planet full of thieves.
Out of the blue the howling wind begins to blow!

The moonlight, strewn by the wind, soaks me to my core.
How pitiful that the world goes about, caring no more!



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