Is it sleep beckoning me?
Am I losing consciousness?
Is that a guitar wailing
in the minor scale of D?
In my sleep I’m never free
from the haunting of her face,
perhaps losing it will give me some respite!


Perhaps darkness is my destiny,
for whenever I have found myself a light,
no matter how faint the glimmer is
or how far, the world would always overwhelm
the sparks of a dizzy flame
flying from my fancy thoughts and wild dreams!


Though the night is vexed too, now I know –
thou shalt talk no more to me!
Tough luck I have in this life,
O Fair Daughter of the world, perhaps
the next one will be a little less cumbersome…
Until then, O teary eyes,
break my heart but I must hold my tongue!


Image: The Temptation of St. Anthony by Salvador Dali

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