Undefeated, I have never lost nor won,
for I have been a mirror all through life,
across the ups and downs towards the sun,
in all my future dreams and previous flights!


Vagabond, I have never possessed nor belonged,
except, in both cases, the entire universe!
Sleepless for life, though I have hardly missed a dawn,
the morning light have never had my sighs traversed!


Illiterate, I have not been able to learn yet
what the quintessence of humanity might be
with myself surrendered to the rhythm of my fate –
who, with conviction in their eyes, can answer me!


How do you absolve such dualities in your existence
against the universe that had never dreamed of a fence?



4 thoughts on “Dualities

    1. you have my gratitude…. but i dare say your compliment deserves more. so here is the background story…. recently after a complete surrender, i realized the one i have surrendered myself to, has not opened up… the resulting bewilderment drove me to write this piece, which is also quite heavily influenced by lyrics from Pink Floyd, Scorpions and Metallica. thanks again for your kind words!

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      1. wow it is amazing how so much meaning can be compiled in so few words, huh? i am always impressed by the ability for a poet, including myself, to be able to do this at times.
        All those emotions & musical influences can be felt in this poetic piece. Thanks again for the great write.

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