So, The Sun

So, The Sun

So, the sun did not rise today.
It is true that the sun is not bound to
rise for illuminating me everyday
but still my heart pursues,
still at my back I hear rats’ feet
scuttling blind on heaps of dead bones!

With dusk the darkness literally moans,
cold, endless and alone, overwhelming
my senses with her teary eyes!
Save those nights once or twice a moon,
when the sun remains up at the sky until dawn,
I have been half in love with darkness through my life!

We live in a strange time, I think, (don’t you?)
with state of the art devices
in primitive hands, governed by a mind,
even wiser than those in age,
ruled by what the diodes showed and said,
unless eternal time has always been like this!

What should I do? What shall I ever do?
When would Time cease to throw her poisoned darts at me?
Fetch me my hemlock, I should better go
and drown, to renounce life in Lethe’s serene flow!